The hourglass of our lives...

By Vichara

You would assume that the more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our lives the clearer we should be able to see through it right? To a certain extent I think when we are younger we believe that when we get older the wiser we may get and that the chronological age will grant us more information and insight to life. Well to a certain extent there are some truths to this but not to the extent that our youth believed. The sands may recede in the hourglass but then we find the glass in places is cloudy with misunderstanding, streaked with regrets and partially clouded with disbelief. Now we could at this point get mired down in all of these things obscuring our vision and just give up, be bitter or choose an alternative. We could take out the bottle with the cleaning solution of compassion and wipe clean the walls of our hourglass. Wipe away all of the obscurities and create a clearer vision of understanding for your self and those around you.

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