A new angle...

By Vichara

There is a tendency to view things from one vantage point for the majority of the time. It can come from force of habit or just plain comfort. For me I notice it a lot being around other photographers. You may notice in your family photos when taking a picture of friends and family you try to corral them together and you stand straight on and snap away. If you go back you may see the same kind of photo in your collection. As with life and with photography there are times you need to break out and look at things from a different angle. For me I’ll crouch down at times for a different vantage point and in a way you can do this with your observations. When faced with a challenging situation, hunker down and force yourself to get a new angle on things. Give yourself an opportunity for a new perspective and to hear things differently. Making a decision is like pushing down on the shutter of the camera. Once it is done the decision has been made, the moment has been captured. Try to have things framed and thought through before releasing the shutter

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