Just up ahead...

By Vichara

There is this beautiful roadside rest stop that I just visited that I want to recommend. I was needing a break from a long drive on the 101; no I think it was the 5. Anyway I thought to myself that the next rest area no matter how it looked or far I would just pull in. Of course the moment I was thinking this a sign appeared that a rest stop was just ahead. Well my friends the moment I exited I was met with all of the elements that would be needed for a “rest”. The trees were tall and so full of leaves that they provided ample shade. The flowers were so colorful. Whoever was the greens keeper did a wonderful job with the selection of flowers bordering the walkways. I think it was the 210 freeway…maybe not. Anyway as I wandered along the walkway I spotted a picnic table where I could rest with a snack. Well friends as I was just to sit down and I looked to my right and there was this majestic waterfall. At the bottom was a pool of clear water with all kinds of birds swooping in and around. Ah, it was so amazing and I thought I would need to come back here again very soon. Well fellow travelers you can guess by now that this rest area was not on any freeway but right here where I “sit” writing these “thoughts”. But the rest stop is available to you too. You have the power to create this sense of peace and instill some calm for yourself at anytime and anyplace. Just take the next exit.

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