Walk a mile in different shoes...

By Vichara

Challenge the past by standing up to the future with integrity. We all have encounters and experiences that have left the residue of doubt in our paths. This doubt can take many forms and at times feel like that uncomfortable pebble that gets stuck in your shoe. You shift your foot. You try to wiggle it to the side so you can keep walking but it keeps reminding you that it is there with it’s persistent jabbing. The obvious thing to do is to stop, sit down, take the shoe off and shake it free but we try to ignore it. When you finally do this annoyance can sometimes be so small you can’t imagine how it caused so much pain and bother. But here is an even more radical idea. Maybe you need to unload the whole shoe! Perhaps it would be beneficial for your well being to unburden your toes and get a new perspective. Of course it is up to you.

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