What is intuitively revealed...

By Vichara

Are we suffering from a lack of self-realization or have realizing the self, turned away from what is intuitively revealed? Next to me I have at least 8 – 4x3 little composition books where I manually write all these “thoughts”. I suspect I could easily scratch these thoughts out on scraps of paper and then once entered into my laptop and deposited on this web site throw them away – but I don’t. I prefer to have a physical reminder of the realizations intuitively given to me so I don’t turn away completely. There are discoveries we are all given every day that our self will refrain from listening to in what perhaps could be a fight or flight of self-preservation. What to keep in mind when faced with these is that each and every one of these is important and possibly holds a key to a discovery. While being protective do remember to remain to be open to realization. Here will be your catalyst for survival.

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