The Subtle Symphony #14, Opus 51...

By Vichara

The day has its own melody that is sometimes so subtle we fail to hear it. What may seem frenetic are actually the components of an organic symphony being composed everyday. Outside my window now comes the percussive chattering of a squirrel. The polyrhythmic signature setting the timing of this section while the cooing of the mourning doves add a counter balance with their unique tone. The wind filters through the sycamore tree creating a subtle rustling that is then augmented by the purple and yellow finches that are feeding. Joining in with this passage is the long swoosh and hum of the tires of the traffic from the front of my house. Closing out this passage come the infrequent honk of a mallard duck in his path from east to west. The wind picks up a bit and rustles the wind chimes that once hung in my Mums garden and ends this section. The Mitred parrots begin the next section with shrilling squawk. Take time to listen, these symphonies are going on everyday, 24/7.

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