Your own channel...

By Vichara

Hello blue skies, good morning little birds, top of the morning to you Mr. Squirrel, how-de-do-dee little veggie plants…ooops, sorry I had the Polly-Anna channel tuned in. While yes we would like to believe and experience the world with the sweetness of a Disney film the reality is that it is not. What it is a cavalcade of programming that defies all FCC mandates. But you control the dial. You have a direct connection with the programming in your life and the out come of the stories is up to you. You are the head of programming, the writer, the director and the actor. Sure there will drifting of signals where other channels will fade into yours but you should not relinquish the control of your program but incorporate storylines with the integrity of your own vision. Retain what you believe in and direct with the confidence of your own heart.

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