The same, but slightly different...

By Vichara

Is it linear lines of fate that brings some of us together, pre-destined karma or just plain stupid luck? After meeting someone for the first time do you walk away and think wow that was interesting it was like we knew each other. Or gee that person seemed to know and push all my buttons. Is there a purpose to the interconnectivity of our daily lives? Sure in our work life we are thrown together with people, in what may not be an organic way, but I’m thinking of what may seem random. Why yesterday I met this gentleman and from the ease of the encounter it would seem that we had known each other for years. Could that be that in what people consider past lives that we have been set up again with the same set of encounters (but with different bodies) to reveal and revise the path of our lives once again? Pardon me do I know you?

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