Not seen on TV...

By Vichara

We live in a day where there is an insatiable need to stay connected by electronic devices. Blackberry, crackberry, i-This, i-That, Palm, Sole, Cranium – whatever they may be called. We type and talk while we drive, sit on the toilet, have dinner, even when we are sitting with other people. Then there are some who can send messages while walking at break neck speeds, which I’m sure will be an Olympic sport very soon. Regardless of the etiquette issues related to some of these styles there seems to be a deeper for some for this compulsion to be in constant communication. Deep down we all want to know and feel that we are wanted, accepted and loved so we seek this from others. Even if you are the most cynical there is still a desire for this at some level. But in order to fully connect with others we must be connected with ourselves. Fortunately for us we have a device to communicate with ourselves that does not need batteries, wires, buttons or Internet connection. It is called-reflection (or if you want to be fancy, i-Reflection). Take any thought, idea, concern or something you are pondering and process this through i-Reflection to seek illumination and direction. It is sometimes best to use i-Reflection in quieter and solitary places to get the best results. What you will find after diligent use of i-Reflection is a decrease in obsessive communication, a reduction of the superfluous and a clarity of thought. The best thing is that i-Reflection is available to you right now for the low, low price of FREE!

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