Lesson #14...

By Vichara

This morning I woke to persistent ringing of the front doorbell. Scraping off some of the sleep still clinging to me at that early hour I made my way downstairs to see who was insisting on making this A.M. appearance. As I opened the door I sighed with recognition of the two figures standing there. On the right with finger still jabbing at the button was Impatience. On the left, head lazily turning with cursory glances, Indifference. Impatience, always the first to speak up, said that he was in a hurry (of course) and that he wanted to spend the day with me. He added that Indifference was just bored and agreed to come along. Indifference just looked over, shrugged and rolled his eyes. I said to Impatience as he jingled the loose change in his pocket that I was sorry that I had no room in my car today. Compassion, Clarity and Patience stayed over and was riding in with me. Impatience’s eyes bugged out, his face turned red and a bead of sweat formed on his forehead. He stared and blurted out with some spittle “WHAT!! gotta go!!!! He ran off the porch. Indifference put his hands in his pockets deeper, turned and shuffled off with his flip-flops clapping on the sidewalk. Lesson learned today: Be careful whom you carpool with, it might not be good for the world.

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