All of this...

By Vichara

All of this skin, bones, nails and hair all just to hold in this grey matter in a protective shell. That super computer that houses all of our hopes, dreams, knowledge and desires mounted genetically up high on your shoulders to get a full view of the vista of life. There is a purpose; cause and reason that it is all positioned so delicately in this order…for whatever reasons you “believe”. Then we take this highly evolved humanoid device we call our bodies and we use it as tools of destruction, manipulation, deception, degradation and convince ourselves that it is all justified for whatever reason we believe. Then whatever success we believed is attained by all of this tends to drift quickly away and a state of disgruntled unhappiness returns and keeps returning. Why continue this path? Why continue to live this way? We are limited frail beings that are only given a limited number of years to exist in this physical plane. Why live in manipulation when you can live in inspiration? All of “this” is impermanent so why spend this limited time in the negative when you can use this time in the positive and contribute to this world instead of destroying it both physical and mentally. It’s your choice.

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