Fear and fear itself...

By Vichara

Of course “Fear” wants you to fear it. Fear has had a lot of time to build up its arsenal of things to fear. In fact it has even managed to take many innocuous items and turned them fearful. It is a shame because at the beginning Fear wasn’t so bad. Fear was created as a safety and warning mechanism for those that strayed too far into dangerous situations. Beings that encountered the primal elements of Fear could and would share with others simple things like “don’t go to close to that cactus it will hurt” or “if you don’t want to end up being eaten by that huge thing stay away from that cave”. Then as eons flew by Fear became more mature and cunning and was able to coerce and manipulate other simple and once loved things into fearful things. But Fear also fears as well. What pray tell you ask does Fear, fear? I am glad you asked oh wise being. What Fear doesn’t want you to know is that there is a somewhat secret co-op of ancient primal elements (like Fear was once a part of) that has retained its partnership without being tainted or manipulated. Keeping a vigilant and impermeable position is Compassion, Love plus a few others that you may have encountered. Now you say, wait a minute we’ve seen those elements get bumped and tweaked over the years. Yes they have but it was Fear that was doing it and making sure that it was shoved into your face so you wouldn’t notice the true core elements that still exist for us all. Fear would shove things like “if you don’t love me this way I will ruin your whole life” or “there is only one way to be compassionate and that is to just give me money”. Don’t allow Fear to control your attitude to this world, you deserve much more. The primal and pure elements of Compassion, Love, Integrity, Truth and others exist out there you just need to be patient and let the cacophonic noise of Fear recede and they will appear and guide your hands, heart and mind.

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