World is turning...

By Vichara

The world will keep on turning no matter what happens. Unless George Lucas knows of a Death Star hovering near by I believe we’ll go on spinning. So what do we do while on this ride? Bitch, complain, whine that there is nothing we can do to help out the world condition? If you feel helpless stop and pull back from thinking on a large scale, where we may not have all of the tools to be effective, and re-focus on perhaps something smaller. From small gestures and compassionate acts you can build a foundation and see immediate results. Which of course builds confidence and sense of purpose. Try a couple today…send a silly postcard through the regular mail just to say hi to someone, put a post-it note in someone’s sock with a message that you care. Call someone for no apparent reason, just to let him or her know you were thinking of them. Call you sister, brother, whomever. Small things create big things for you and those around you.

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