The signal of compassion...

By Vichara

I look down at my left hand in a slightly disjointed fashion as the fingers massage the small wooden mala beads. I think of how many times each of these little beads have passed through my fingers over the years in my meditation practice. One bead for each time I have orally recited the mantra I use to start each day. I envision the oral recitation being transported through each bead like a radio signal out into the universe. Perhaps trying to connect with other like-minded souls like all of you reading this right now. I guess in this humble way I am reaching out to all of you in this forum where we are not bound by territorial borders in an effort to strengthen the signal of compassion, respect and dialog. A place where regardless of any language barrier we, and of course I, have an opportunity to share my thoughts and images with you. I don’t personally know many of you reading this but I hope this cyberspace signal finds you in good health and spirits. I trust that you take whatever resolves you have that you utilize some of it in an effort to strengthen the signal of compassion wherever you may live. Om Mani Padme Hung.

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