Step right up...

By Vichara

Dispense with the fragments and shards of yesterday, they will not fit into what today brings. They may seem small and translucent but they carry remnants of thoughts that sit heavy in your pocket and will throw you off balance. It is not to be said that they could have some merit they just need to be processed through the filter of being “present” now in order for them to be useful. Regardless this new day that has unfolded into your hands is another gift that has been given to you. There may not be a big fanfare (other than your alarm clock or the nudge of your cat or dog) but it will most definitely be a parade. Yes there will be lions & tigers of conflict but there will also be horses of reason, elephants of patience and giraffes of vision. You will need to don the barker’s hat to assume some relative control of this cacophony of sound and vision because you know what is coming next…the car full of clowns that will most assuredly contain the surreal and the needed levity. Step right up folks…your day has started.

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