Breadcrumbs in the dark...

By Vichara

I want to take you down a path but I have a duty and an obligation to provide the words that will not only guide me but you as well. The words are like breadcrumbs that are left behind for others to locate, use and consume. If they choose not to that is their choice and personal decision. But once they are consumed you now have an obligation to provide and leave behind compassionate crumbs for those that will follow. It is imperative that you do so and it is just plain common courtesy. Juts remember how you felt at times when you were a bit lost and someone came along with words that pointed you out of that dark corner. However much you feel what you may have to say is insignificant there will always be a vital “crumb” embodied in your words. If they come from the heart they will always have value and from that value help guide others. After all that’s what we are here for, to help each other out…right?

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