The quiet screamers!...

By Vichara

All around us the world is screaming to be noticed in passive aggressive ways. A banner from some possible philanthropic organization hung on numerous light poles declaring its attributes. Billboards competing with each other trying to convince you that what they are selling is better than the other company’s wares. Bumper stickers with on-lined alleged truths. Church signs declaring the time is nigh you need to be saved today. They all want your attention believing that they contribute to your life in some way. To some looking for answers they could be there but for others these are just reminders of how dependent we have become. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong in looking for answers as long as you don’t become accepting of whatever is given to you without investigation. All of these passive aggressive screamers do believe they have what you want but it is up to you through investigation using your heart and minds, which ones will fit into your life.

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