By Vichara

When we are engaged we are all seekers of beauty, love and truth. We are journeyman (women) of the journey that has so many twists and turns it can be difficult to sometimes have the confidence where we are going is the right way. We are unsure collection of bones, blood and brawn that even when we are considered mature adults we still have, tucked away, a nervous child deep inside. We want to be sure that what we do will result in some tangible good but we are only human. We can’t wait for some karmic wheel to spin around in another generation to prove our steps were good; we want to see it now. We can be impatient. Yes patience is a virtue but the very nature of impermanence is the world keeps spinning and there is no pause button. So as you journey out today try to have your steps engaged in honesty with yourself, that will be your beacon. And with this path forged with this light you will find beauty, love and truth. It is out there right now…but don’t forget to pack a lunch.

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