Wake up!...

By Vichara

As my 10th grade science teacher would say, “wake up your mushrooms! don’t just sit there like a bump on a log, do something, say something, think!” I believe that some of us are consumed by the cacophony of it all and get numbed by whatever is perceived to be our personal responsibilities. Some are fair but others can be overly dramatized in an effort to refrain from accepting what is yours to attend to. My science teacher obviously needed to deal with the teenage mind and its insecurities but his abrupt commands were used to shake us from the confines of traditional instruction and get us to re-engage our minds outside the lines. We may not be fortunate in our adult lives to have a science teacher to give our minds a shake so if we want to make sure we are engaged we need to seek out other methods. For me it is these “thoughts” that challenge my brain in the early morning hours. For you it will be different. It could be in the middle of gardening, cooking or jogging. Regardless of how you do it (without harming others of course) I truly believe that it is imperative to shake your brain up and brush off the world that wants to keep you numb. WAKE UP YOU MUSHROOMS!

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