The "universe"...

By Vichara

If the attempt is made, it will be noted by the universe. If you act with truth and integrity, it will gain merit with the universe. If you complete acts of compassion without thoughts of return, it will open up paths to vistas of opportunity never seen before. The universe in a very subtle way works on a system of ROI (return on investment). A billion of events and circumstances have come together to produce you. The humanoid that which you are took great effort to bring into this plane of existence and having reached this high level the universe would very simply like to have some effort put forth. The universe is not expecting everyone to reach great levels of accomplishments but rather simply do things in a way that appreciates reaching this level of existence without degrading or harming other sentient beings. This also doesn’t mean that you can just try to get by doing the minimum. Make an effort with compassion and integrity and it will show ROI to you.

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