Abandon the fear...

By Vichara

Are you creating opportunities or is opportunity creating you? Are you igniting the fires of inspiration or being consumed by an act of self-indulgent arson? For the most you do have a choice in this 21st century. I would imagine that you are not confined by a caste system and that opportunity of learning exists for you. And yet there are some of you out there that find it difficult to take the steps forward to learn, to explore and expand your existence. It is not like there are extreme limitations that exist for you. So when it really comes down to it what is it that is sabotaging your steps forward? Is it fear? Fear that you wouldn’t be able to learn or accomplish? That didn’t stop you from walking or riding a bike when you were a kid right? Abandon the fear of failure or looking foolish. If you truly want to move forward recognize that within the missteps are components of success and achievement. You can do it. Try or make the steps to learn something new today. Who knows where it will take you.

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