The little engine...

By Vichara

Stop whatever you are doing and try this little exercise.  Is everything put aside?  Are there no distractions?  TV is off?  Radio?  And are you focused?  Ok?  Now take your hand, doesn't matter which one, and extend a couple fingers and find your your heart.  Keep your fingers the quietly as you can and feel your heart beating through your fingertips.  Do you feel it?  Pretty remarkable right?  Like a metronome of life it beats a rhythm that wS composed at the very beginning of your life in the womb and at the very essence of life itself.  Keep your fingers there and keep feeling the consistent beating.  The engine of your existence engaging a multitude of bells and whistles in your body.  The little engine that could...and does.  Now with your fingers still there listen to day this engine will stop!  One day what you see, touch, hear and taste will all be gone. The little engine will cease to function and you will cease to exist.  Do I still have your attention?  Good!  So while while this engine is still beating what are you going to do?  Define what is meaningful to you.  Fortify this with the determination to experience those things that you dream of doing, of tasting and of knowing.  This is your engine, your are the driver.  Drive this engine with compassion and integrity until the wheels fall off.

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