Roadside assistance...

By Vichara

Once you start the engine of your day there may times when things may not run or sound good at times.  There is a rattle that is creating a constant clicking sound.  You try the old fashioned method of either hitting it or kicking it and still it persists.  Then something flies into your field of vision with a splat!  You're a little preoccupied and it is difficult to clear your vision so you try to push on the best you can.  Boom! Crash! Bang!  You trip, you stumble and try to regain your balance.  You get it back but not to the degree that it should be.  You push on and then...stop right there!  Have you not been given enough warnings?  Sure you may have some abilities to maneuver around some obstacles but eventually they will gather and truly impede your movement forward.  Stop, pull to the side of the "life" road and fix these hindrances before they create permanent damage to your life.  Out here there is no roadside assistance, it's up to you but you have all the tools you need.

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