Fear, what to do...

By Vichara

There are some days that I am truly frightened with our lives that exist on this tenuous thread that we live on. The fragility on many levels where something is here and then gone in an instant. Of course this is the nature of life and the built-in impermanence of everything but I still have fear. But what and how do we deal with type of fear? Platitudes are merely balm and even if applied generously will still fade away to expose the fear again. So what to do with this fear? Perhaps we take it by the hand and bring it closer and by this intimacy see the fragility in it and realize how small it can really be and how little it sometimes can be. It is all a process that we sometimes need to enlist to expose that what needs attention and release. We should not fear this but embrace that we all have this ability we just need to ensure that we engage this as always with compassion for ourselves.

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