The measurement of...

By Vichara

We live in a world that is constantly being measured even with what may be considered mundane to some. How fast you go, how slow you go, how white your smile is or how happy or sad you are. For my daughters it could be how cool one person is over another or which TV character is better than another. For my wife it is how she is judged in how well she can ride a horse and for me perhaps if what I write here is a good thought or not. Yes, I do realize that certain gauging systems are set up for practical measurements to achieve results that are required. What I am more concerned is where measurements are used for things that frankly may not need measuring. Does it really matter if that TV character is better than another, one color is better, how someone else rides a horse or my thoughts are better one day over another? I believe the only measurement which should we be using is how it makes you feel without measuring things in acceptability of others. Are you happy? Are you content? Are you inspired?

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