By Vichara

Surrender! The word has such a sense of failure one way and the sense of acceptance in another. Failure because you have been defeated and acceptance to understand when another approach could be necessary. If you think for a moment we do surrender many times of the day to sometimes things that may seem small and trivial. You surrender to your mug of coffee / tea in hope that it will stimulate your alertness to function in the morning. Surrender and trust that the vehicle you are driving to work functions. Surrender to foods we consume in that they will provide the sustenance and nutritional value to keep this body going. And surrender to the sleep that will give us the needed rest to do this all over again the next day. Surrendering can have a bad rap but in numerous ways we all do it everyday. The key to this is knowing that surrendering is not giving up but recognizing that there may be another way and that is not failure.

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