Tune-up time...

By Vichara

Do you need new spark plugs for your mind? As they say, “back in the day”, there was sometimes the need when your car was running rough to check the spark plugs. Those little items in the mechanism of the car that provides the electrical charge to ensure all of the cylinders that propel your vehicle forward were all firing together. If one of these little guys had some material build-up preventing it from igniting the whole system would be sluggish and stall out. In much the same way if there are mental hindrances, things in your mind that create a stalling effect in your movement then perhaps it may be time to clean your own mental spark plugs or replace them. But where do you find a mechanic for that you may ask? Well…it’s basically you! You may get assistance from life manuals like great literature, spiritual writings, conversations and meditations but it’s really up to you to clean those body spark plugs to gain clarity to propel you forward.

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