A knock on the door...

By Vichara

There was a knocking at my door in the early morning hours today. When I realized it was not part of the dream I was still partially in I made my way to see who was waking me so early. When I opened the door there was nobody there. I looked both up and down the block in the faint light but there was nobody to be seen. Back to bed I went. Then again while almost drifting back into slumberland the knock came once again. So once again I shook off the sleep and ventured downstairs to my front door and once again – nobody. Angry and annoyed at someone’s possible prank I was just about to close the door when I saw a white business card centered on the doormat. As I reached to pick it up a gust of wind blew by my head like someone or something rushing past me and blew the card farther from my reach and the thresehold of my door. I stepped out from the comfort of my home and once again reached for the card. There printed on this beautifully tooled ivory white card was this.

“I came knocking. Sorry I missed you. See you next time. – Gelegenheit”

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