By Vichara

What happened to you from yesterday? All the troubles, the toils, the laughter and the love that careened and enveloped you. All of what transpired are just echoes now fading off to some place in your memory. What will be retained and what will slip off forever never to be remembered is all of you from yesterday and now today greets you. Sometimes like a happy puppy wagging it’s tail or like some sad urchin unsure of it’s steps. But it has arrived. In whatever state it has arrived and it wants your attention. Regardless of what you believe is going on today you will need to be present. If you just site there obsessing with echoes from yesterday you will just get mired down. You need to move forward. Yesterday has no future and tomorrow has no past. Today is a persistent and present reminder of what you can potentially do with your life. Step forward, not backwards.

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