The snippets...

By Vichara

Between the internal and external dialogue that rattles around in our brains it is a wonder that we can ever achieve the clarity and focus to accomplish tings in a day. The inner dialogue repeats snippets of what we have heard and conjures up potential dialogue that could happen. Given an arbitrary set of possible circumstances both are not based in anything that exists anymore or could. They are the padded walls of noise that we bounce around in an effort to make sense of the frenetic energy that surrounds us. This does not mean you are wacky koo-koo it is just another coping mechanism that tries to steer you into being “present”. Like rounding up a dozen slippery eels while your hands are greasy it is challenging. Breathe and carefully put all of these snippets in a bucket and then put it aside. You don’t need them; you just need what is going on in this moment. It is what is present now that is important. The past has slid off the table and the future can’t make up its mind which door to enter. Let them deal with themselves you don’t need them. They don’t exist anymore but you do and the present does right now.

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