A splinter in time...

By Vichara

The impatient Moon left early. It something about getting home to deal with some family issues. The Sun was a little preoccupied with some issues that involved a couple of stars, which left a slight void in the morning light. So while we sat and waited Reflection and his pal Perception came along, mostly to get a cup of good coffee. They decided to sit for a moment while they could but Reflection was mired in a couple of things that happened days earlier with something that would have happened if such and such said this and that to someone. Reflection rocked back and forth and picked at this one spot on the top of the wooden picnic table that we were sharing. Perception was being patient and sat with a pleasant smile and enjoying the African blend of coffee. Then Reflection let out a yelp having picked at the wood so much that a splinter slid itself under the fingernail. Perception calmly grabbed Reflection’s injured finger and said “good! you’re with us now and focused on one thing in the present”. With that pulled the wooden shard out and said “it is too bad that it tales something so jarring and painful to bring you to the present”. The nattering past and the impatient future are not relevant when your attention is needed now, here in the present. And who wants to keep getting splinters to figure that out.

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